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Transitory Republic of Yemaraki

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Since childhood Lachlan has lived in other worlds, on different plains, navigating them via several mediums – performance, painting and the written word.

He is artistic director of Sanctum Theatre (, a visual performance company presenting folk theatre in everyday spaces since 2006. He has also worked for the Snuff Puppets for the past few years, an irreverent and scatological giant puppet company, performing in their shows and directing their People Puppet Projects in Australia, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, Thailand and Chile (

He won the 2012 Impress Prize and his first book, The Lost Journals of Pedro Piscator and other Tales will be released in the UK in May 2014.

He has studied puppetry and theatre directing at the Victorian College of the Arts. A couple of years ago he got married, built a small mud brick dwelling on his parent’s permaculture property in the north east of Melbourne and has recently become a dad.

You can view his folio at

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  • Lachlan Plain Studios - View Lachlan Plain's murals, puppets and publications online. Commision him or purchase a book.


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