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  1. 09:39

    Event Design

    by La Dolce Idea

    2 Videos

    Tabletops, Photo Shoots

  2. 01:56:07


    by La Dolce Idea

    12 Videos

    LA DOLCE IDEA offers planning and coordination services for your wedding. Call us today at 858.688.5724 and enjoy your celebration, let LA DOLCE IDEA take care of the event production! www.LaDolceIdea.us

  3. 10:24

    Dessert Table Styling

    by La Dolce Idea

    5 Videos

    Let LA DOLCE IDEA design your next candy station or dessert table for your wedding or special event! Call us today at 858.688.5724 or visit us on the web: www.LaDolceIdea.us

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