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Hey there :)
I am a Reiki practitioner, Intuitive, Singer and, Poet. I love life and strive to have a deep connection with our Earth Mother. I have found a Joy in life that keeps me connected, balanced and, whole. The Source of that Joy is just that... SOURCE . My spirituality catapults me forward in life and allows me to constantly observe and grow more into resonance with my True Self. As a Neo-Pagan a Healer and a manifestation of the Divine Feminine, I am here to share my experiences whilst spreading Joy and Awareness. Namaste and Merry Meet ॐ
my new website is also up!! You can find more information about me and my services at onyxmarigoldhealing.org

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  • Creatrix Healing - This is my new website designed to help YOU experience healing and empowerment


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