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A certain style of music, a certain vision of videos...
You can find some of those plus others on La Huche website (only music videos!!!!....)

there is no good or bad music, peoples do have simply different tastes, and different moments to listen to this or that...!/LahucheMusic


  1. Pale Seas
  2. Paul O'Reilly
  3. Future Classic
  4. Emika
  5. la-underground
  6. Oskar Wrango
  7. John Beauregard
  8. / Everything Visual
  9. Ken Fury
  10. monotreme records
  11. Thrill Jockey Records
  12. Soun Records
  13. Fake Diamond Records
  14. High5Collective
  15. Tobias Stretch
  16. Hartzine
  17. SINCEproductions
  18. Yours Truly

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