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I define myself as a certified Foodie; someone who loves food in every way. From growing my own food organically, to creating and preparing new recipes, inventing new menus and teaching others how to cook, food has a magical way of bringing people together.

After attending private cooking classes in Umbria, Italy in the home of another self taught chef I was inspired to launch Lajollacooks4u! “Teaching, food and people have been the greatest passions in my life and Lajollacooks4u is the culmination of all three!”

Our cooking classes are uniquely designed to inspire you to recreate easy and delicious recipes at home. We specialize in Californian Cuisine which is influenced by locally grown food, our outdoor lifestyle and Mediterranean, Latin and Asian influences.

Our guests are greeted like family and my home becomes your home during your visit. Equipped with professional aprons, a glass of fine wine and colorful array of pre-prepared ingredients, you will embark upon a delightful and memorable culinary journey, while enjoying magnificent ocean views from my mountain- top home!

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