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Since the early 2000s, Dara and Ian have been the brains behind the slugged out, bass heavy techno outfit 'Lakker'. Both originating from Ireland, they paint intricate sonic tapestries ranging from haunting Arctic soundscapes to bass driven warehouse weight. Inspired heavily by the chopped up, processed sounds of the 90s, their humanist slant on techno has received play outs by the likes of Aphex Twin, Laurent Garnier and Surgeon. This year Lakker have been featured on Rob Booth's 'Electronic Explorations' mix series, played Glade festival and received high praise (5/5, 4/5 & 10/10 from Normann Records, Resident Advisor and Tillate magazine respectively) for their recent release on 'Blueprint', one of Britain's most influential techno labels. Moreover, they have just released their new AV show, in which the subtle changes in the music are reflected in the patient and detailed morphing of their visual content, with support from creative hubs such as 'CDM'.

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