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Luiz Algarra is a Social Network Designer and Organizational Consultant. He has always been a pioneer in media, radio, TV and Internet. When the Constituent was the hot topic, he articulated, set up, aired and publicizes TV LIVRE-CANAL Sorocaba: the first wide range underground television network in Brazil.

He is now a founding member of Papagallis, a network of people working to help people find their individuality and balanced flow of action, even when there is no consensus of ideas and opinions. When applied to the Internet, his fresh look resulted in projects like da TV Escola Digital Interativa, commissioned by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and UNESCO, Vivo’s network of sustainability and education.

Certified by Humberto Maturana and Ximena Dávila, he is an advocate of Cultural Biology, a new way to look at the human life and experience.

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