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New York, NY

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Lalita Khosla has been a director at large since she was small.
After a brief stint as the personal stylist for Frisky, the family pet,
Lalita’s parents encouraged her to focus on the serious side of life.
She went on to major in History and Literature at Harvard, then matriculated with a Masters in Journalism from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism.

Next, Lalita buckled down to the most serious subject of all: television.
Since 1993, she has directed programming and commercial spots for several networks from FOX to PBS, making a notorious name for herself by writing and directing The Herstory of Sex, an on-screen ad campaign for Oxygen Media. The Herstory of Sex delved into the fascinating herstory of outrageous devices like the vibrator and chastity belt, establishing the then fledgling network’s smart, sexy and original voice. Lalita has also produced and directed shows for VH1, Lifetime and Bravo as well as pioneering IFC’s film festival coverage. At the New York, Sundance and Telluride film festivals, she interviewed scores of actors and directors from Renee Zellweger to Billy Bob Thornton, Milos Forman to Jackie Chan (her personal favorite).

Lalita currently develops brand strategy and creative for diverse corporate, retail and media clients. She's also making a documentary about NYC school teachers and writing a comic novel about growing up Indian in Greenwich, CT.

When she’s not telling people what to do about business, Lalita tells people how to practice yoga and bosses around her puppy Lafayette, (aka Laffy), her husband Paul, (aka hubby), and son Sam (aka Samu). They live in Soho, New York City.

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