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Que j'aime
la danse des
sons sur images.

Sometime playing with
images and sounds
on beats of acoustics
on relative pace of times
on motion of emotions.

► An international business development manager in the financial telecommunications industry, I also organize conferences and interviews, especially on matters related to international politics, economic development policies and smart new technologies, there -> vimeo.com/valduchesse.
I also like listening, taping or filming old people or kids talking about their life stories.

► When thinking about a video, I really love mixing images with music (even if I lack time for that). My few music tribute clips present here are very old, filmed just for the fun on crap cameras (and old Nokia phones), but I like them and are still there. On the other hand, many of my "my likes" are long time favorites, I try to update that section regularly.

▲ I can be reached via LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lamtim, mentioning "vimeo" in your invite.
Languages: FR, EN, ES, NL, PT, RU (basic).



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