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La mosca is a publisher of city games. These games are “location-based games”, city games where your position is a determining factor. La mosca is unique in the world with this concept. You will not find any other publishers who only focus on this type of new game genre. We wish to retain this trendsetter position and continue to push out the frontiers of this game genre with state-of-the-art technology.

La mosca is not an event agency even though we often work in partnership with event agencies. We focus on coming up with, producing and commercialising games. Companies and organisations can then play our games through the event agencies.

The IWT (Institute for the promotion of innovation through science and technology in Flanders) granted La mosca a subsidy in 2006 to carry out an Innovation Study. This provided La mosca with the knowledge to explore and enter the market well prepared.

Kristof van den Branden started La mosca in 2006 after ten years experience as an Internet Consultant and as a (web) editor/reporter. He already had the idea of the city games in 1998 as a passionate board game player. He only thought the time had come to give shape to the concept in 2005. This resulted in The Target going into production by the end of that year (the first La mosca game). The Target and the second game (CityTracks) were ready at the start of 2007.

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