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We are a representation of what happens
when you mix the youth you counted out
with Lyrical Brilliance, Reality, Creativity and Non-Stop Grinding....
We are Hip-Hop...We are the Future..
We Are.
~Language Artz Records~

Language Artz Records is a movement of ambitious, talented, and revolutionary artists and producers seeking a way to change how hip-hop is presented for future generations to come. Language Artz is a full service management, artist development, production, publishing, and marketing/promotion company for aspiring hip-hop and R&B artists. Los Angeles is missing something we can call our own when it comes to the independent hip hop scene. There has been a recent resurgence of interest to our culture and music, but there have not been any strong movements with the exception of the Bay Area, of west coast artists coming together as a cohesive unit to once again bring us back to the status of powerhouse among industry competitors. Language Artz will be that next dynasty to carry the torch toward revolution and superiority for not only the West Coast but also the Music Industry as we know it today. Welcome to Language Artz Records!!!!

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