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Lanor is made with love by a highly ambitious and talented team based in Manchester.

We do lots of cool media stuff, but our speciality is creative marketing videos. We write, film, and edit – everything from pre to post production! We know what is best for you, your product, or your company and how to embody that through video-marketing.

Our client portfolio includes the BBC, SDMV, Lancaster University, LUSU and Trippel-M who have all enjoyed our creativity, efficiency, hilarious jokes and competitive prices.

We love what we do. So much so, that when we’re assigned to a production, it becomes much more than that. It is our precious baby – something we take care of, nourish and send out to the world when we can be proud of it! Yes, we are still talking about a video

Take a look at our portfolio and get in touch if you like what you see! Or let us know what type of production you’ve got in mind and we can assure that we’ll make you something you’ll love.

We’re constantly seeking new challenges and believe that anything is possible with enough passion (and coffee!)

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