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_Our work is expressed in the creation of audiovisual artworks, A/V live performances, live sets and products of visual design, exploring margins of fusion between visual and acoustic domains. By using the information, sampled in complex and chaotic domains (human brain activity, information on WWW, the daily television flow, etc.) as raw material, we operate a displacement of the data's structure, obtaining generative audiovisual hybrids.
Is the highly complex and stratified structure of particular flows of information, his presumed indivisibility, to make virtually invisible to the common senses such rhythmic dynamics, or complex and wonderful architectures of the information itself.
By extrapolating the information from his natural context and "decoding" it by different expressive languages, we bring in evidence the aesthetic content of the data itself, latent in the "dark side" of the information.
Our research refuses to link to specific artistic languages, preferring rather the Hybrid and the fusion of expressive forms. Either in live performances, or during the compositing, we make use of generative software and strategies, being able to offer products that better adapts to the performative environment and to the extremely complex architectures of the raw material.The group, born in Rome in 2004, is constituted by Enzo Varriale and Gianluca Lisco_


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