Laonikos Psimikakis-Chalkokondyl

Helsinki, Finland

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I am a creative artist and wilderness guide, and I try to explore the common ground between the two. Fascinated by Japanese arts and philosophy, in my work I am interested in not taking for granted the present moment: surrendering and forgetting, being open to what is here, now. A playful approach to being in the world, as just a part of the larger dance that the universe is.

What fascinates me about improvising and being in the wilderness is that they both almost demand a certain presence, a being in-tune, listening. I see improvisation as a yet-unvisited wilderness, with its surprises and risks, the need for a certain humility and honesty; a landscape unravelling moment to moment as one treads through it.

Simplicity, honesty, directness, playfulness.

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