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Seattle, WA

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LaRae Lobdell started working in the photographic industry in 1998 when she started capturing weddings in the greater Puget Sound and then expanded to international destination events by 2004.

In 2007 she opened a dual studio in Chicago and spent the better part of two years studying the art and relationship between photography and social media, a skill that eventually led to her assignment as leading social media marketing for BlackRapid Inc.

In just under two years, she brought the local Seattle neighborhood camera accessory company to a trusted and respected brand in over 50 countries across the globe with her unique style of commitment to connection, one virtual handshake at a time.

After two years of extensive traveling with BlackRapid to some of the world’s largest photo tradeshows, she returned to her own photographic journey in Seattle, with the goal of teaching and giving to elevate her local community. After extensive vision planning, she spent the next 18-months photographing and publishing a personal project capturing individuals that make up the the Seattle theatre community and produced a large-scale solo exhibit of the entire works.

During that exact same timeline, she taught herself to speak publicly as a lead host of creativeLIVE. Her position with the online educational giant brought her, again, to the natural role of connecting by a live global audience to top renowned professionals in photography, business, productivity, software development, design, film and video.

No matter the situation or location, LaRae can always be found connecting individuals, community and industry giants for successful interaction and branding connection by utilizing photography and social media as her tools of choice.

She and her work work are frequently published in numerous magazines, newspapers, online blogs and educational video channels around the world.

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