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Renato Larini de Medeiros

Brazilian born multimedia artist Renato Larini, has been doing works related to audiovisual performances, radio installation, video art, photography and collage since 1989. In the 90s, he was one of the founders of the movement Peixe Cachorro (Fishdog), in Curitiba, in south Brazil, known as a revolutionary venue for arts and music in south Brazil. During this period, he also worked as radio producer and presenter, as well as a director of art for a Brazilian TV channel. Larini explores different techniques and uses the urban imaginary, the modern man and its relation with the electronic apparatus, as well as with nature as a reference for many of his works. As a result, he creates genetically modified beings who end up living inside a hive of both chaos and order. The artist also shows clear influence of the artistic revolutionary movements of the 20s and 60s in the way he approaches DE aesthetics of the collage, photography and video art, as well as in his view of the piece of art itself. Due to his revolutionary approach to art and the critique brought about from his works, he had his radio show called Picilone (2002-2004) banned the schedule of a state radio station in his home country, Brazil, in 2004. The program which caused the dismissal of the show was a critique about one of the main media tycoons in Brazil, Roberto Marinho, two days after his death. In the show, he compared Marinho with the famous character Citizen Kane, created by Orson Welles. In the same year, Larini moved to London and has since then been working as a freelance motion graphic designer and photographer. He has recently been granted an award by Shootexperience in a partnership with Hackney Council. And now back to Brazil in Sao Paulo, its working in his gallery/studio/café/atelier called Zebra. (
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