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New York City

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Joey is a professional driver, a collector of classic cars and a philanthropist. He is remarkable in many ways, not least because of his love for movie stars and his larrikin approach to life. This film chronicles his life growing up as an Italian American in Brooklyn and how this molded his attitude to life - food, women, wealth and humanity. Joey is an engaging storyteller, and Larrikin showcases a rich collection of stories that Joey tells about New York City and the many people he has driven. Joey talks about realizing a childhood dream to drive James Cagney, about accompanying Gregory Peck to the Kentucky Derby, and about Frank Sinatra singing 'Nice and Easy' to him. He talks about being arrested with Mike Tyson on Christmas Day and about buying wheelchairs for children. Larry King comments about Joey from behind the driver's seat, as does Elaine Wynn and Linda Bruckheimer. But the film is much more than a simple storybook or a chronology of a man's life. This documentary celebrates New York City, and what it is to live here. Through Joey we touch homelessness and September 11, we sing Italian ballads in Mulberry Street, we meet the doorman of luxury midtown hotels and go to their favorite food wagon for lunch.
'Larrikin' is a roller coaster of emotion and delight, it will inspire you to travel to Gotham, and fill you with pride about being in the greatest city on earth.

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