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I work as a composer, sound designer, sound engineer and study sound design at Sonic College (Denmark) and live in Berlin (Germany). This is some of my work. feel free to contact me for collaborations.


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  2. Mathias Zieba
  3. Alf Lovvold
  4. Walter Rafelsberger
  5. JMC Hoult
  6. Giorgio Sancristoforo
  7. Alan Warburton
  8. DaBrainkilla
  9. Tyler Russo
  10. Die Zombie Productions
  11. Bikini Berlin
  12. Neil Mendoza
  13. Channel 4
  14. Lorenzo Antico
  15. Ari Ernesto Purnama
  16. Michael Mclennan
  17. Han Yan Yuen
  18. Doggicam Systems

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