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Welcome to; the flamenco music company, run with passion, by musicians for musicians.

The idea of La Sonanta came about because of a number of problems we have faced in the past as musicians.

We have had to select our instruments from a very small number of choices and shops gave us very little time in which to make this important decision. Often we felt that we had made a quick decision and were not happy with the choices we made. Sometimes we felt that we had been sold to by a salesman, rather than advised by a fellow musician who understood our requirements.

When ordering a guitar from a famous luthier, we were often placed on a long waiting list and found it difficult to manage the process.

And when we recorded our performance, we frequently found ourselves in overpriced studios that had very little understanding of our music and did not know how to get the best from our instruments.

La Sonanta was created to answer all of these problems.

In our "Sala de Pruebas" you are welcome to try our exceptional, large collection of new and old flamenco guitars, cajons and accessories. At La Sonanta you buy from the first hand providing you the lowest prices possible. La Sonanta is working directly together with the finest artisans whom remained true, authentic craftsmen. In addition, Our ‘La Sonanta artisanos’ Martín and José are happy to support you in expert, artisan guitar maintenance, repair and restoration services.

For those customers who are unable to visit our shop, we will gladly send a guitar, without any risks, anywhere in the world for trial and approval.

For those wishing to record their music, La Sonanta studios offers the finest engineers, equipment and acoustics to economically capture the magic of your performance, either in house, or on location with our mobile studio.

We also offer free flamenco guitar educational videos online with free Tabs for you to enjoy at your leisure.

So whatever your Flamenco needs, visit and find out how we can help you get the best out of your music.

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