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Who is Last Letter?
We are followers of Jesus, Sacrificially taking Action to do Justice and share Jesus among the impoverished, the lost, the downtrodden and the oppressed.

We are working to fuel a revolution of Christians who are passionately offended by hopelessness and poverty. Where there is hunger, we will feed, where there is no water, we will dig, where there is disease, we will bring medication. And why? Because Jesus asked all of us — every believer — to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and heal the sick, in His name. Through His example of sacrifice and death, we die to ourselves that He might live in and through us in this world.

Last Letter is a lifestyle inspired by individuals willing to offer every breath to fulfill the passionate call of Christ. Our vision is for a movement of believers taking up their crosses daily and following Jesus…
Into the slums of India, into HIV hospices of Africa, into the child labor underworld in the far East, into waterless villages, into garbage-dump cities, into lands ruled by extremist regimes, into the least reached villages, and into the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in our cities.

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