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Last Place® is a mind-set.

A mind-set that comes from starting at the very bottom; focused, determined, and hungry. A mind-set that gives an individual an edge over those who lack it. The mind-set of those quietly working while others flaunt uninspired achievements. Humble because they are aware of the hard work and obstacles ahead, yet with confidence and consideration, they creatively overcome these obstacles, while enhancing the world around them.

Last Place® represents creative individuals everywhere who are making things happen without the spotlight of a glamorous city shining on them, but find it radiating within them.

Last Place® clothing is designed for the individuals that understand you may start with nothing but you have everything in the world to gain. Regardless of where you stand, the garments serve as a symbol that you're on your way; like a badge worn with pride showing that you overcame your circumstances. Each piece is designed and manufactured with the utmost care for quality and style; inspiring individuals to apply the same caring and attention to detail throughout their lives.

Simply put, we believe that every good story needs adversity, what's your story?

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