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Buenos Aires - Argentina

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Laura Focarazzo is a video artist and independent curator. She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her works include experimental films and videos as well as curatorial works.
Graduated in Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires in 1991, Laura Focarazzo also completed film courses and workshops with prestigious filmmakers of the local and international scene during last years.
She has participated in exhibitions and international film festivals around the world.
She is a member of the international audio/visual group: Exquisite, What? based in Italy.
She is working on the audiovisual project “The Alchemists” where as a curator and a video artist has invited to participate experimental musicians of the local and international scene to perform a collective installation based on her own field recordings.
She is also currently developing programming as a curator and art director in a experimental sound and video festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Festival Screenings


- "Jornadas de Reapropiación", Found Footage y CIne Reciclado. November 5 - 7.
Centro de Cultura Digital. Mexico.
Video work: Quantumlove.
- "La certeza del error," August 6 - October 24. Fundación Alfonso y Luz Castillo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- "Luxia, July 16 - August 2, Centro Cultural Borges, Sala 27. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- "10ème MEX-PARISMENTAL" , 18 juin 2015 at the cinema La Clef, Paris. France.
Video work: Timeless Time.
- "Sonorities Festival Belfast 2015" :: April 22-26
Video work: Specific Gravity
- "Proceso de Error - 2º Festival Internacional de Video Experimental", Valparaiso, Chile.
"De cuerpos y experiencias": Una presentación de Hambre | espacio cine experimental.
Video work: Triptych (Hunting, Quantumlove & En un abrir y cerrar).

- "Espacio Enter", International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture. Next 6 edition: 5th, 6th, 7th december 2014
Video work: Going The Distance
-"(h)ear XL II Multimedia Sound Art exhibition", Kunstencentrum Signe (art centre Signe), Heerlen, the Netherlands.
Video works: Timeless Time and Other Moons.
-“Festival Punto y Raya” 2014, Reykjavík, Iceland.
Video work: Light Birds.
-“Time is Love” 2014, London – Paris – Korea- Ukraine - Slovenia - California.
Video work: Other Moons.
-“2º Muestra Underground Barcelona” Barcelona, Spain.
Video works: Tao and Falls and Flips

-“Poetry Film Festival” 2013 - The Institute of Contemporary Arts, ICA. London, UK
Video work: Quantumlove
-“Fonlad Festival” 2013 - Coimbra, Portugal
Video work: Specific Gravity
-“Moozak Festival” 2013,Vienna, Austria
Video works: Specific Gravity and Other Moons
-“26º Festival Les Instants video: 50 Years of Video Art”, Marseilles, France
Video work: Grey Goo in representation of Argentina.
-“Espacio Enter Canarias” 2013, International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture, Spain.
Video work: Falls and Flips
-“The International Film Poetry Festival”, Athens, Greece 2013.
Video work: Quantumlove

-Premiere Collective film: String Theory. Centro Cultural de la Cooperacion. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
-“Gesamt Project”, concept by Lars Von Trier for the collective film: Disaster 521, What happened to man? Copenhagen Art Festival 2012, Denmark and Göteborg International Film Festival.
-“Incubarte -International Independent Art Festival-“ Valencia, Spain.
Video Work: Specific Gravity
-“Screens // Art'n'Video” 2012 - Valencia, Spain
Video Work: Hunting
-“HEADPHONES/HÖRLURSFESTIVAL” - Lab-Gallery, Sweden, 2012
Video Works: Exoplanet and Grey Goo
-“13º BAFICI - International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires”.
Collective film: String Theory
- Cycle "El cine por dentro". Biblioteca Nacional. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- International Film Festival ¨Lima Independiente". Lima, Perú.
- International Film Festival "Cineb". Chile.
- International "Piriápolis Film Festival". Uruguay.
-“ Festival Abstracta Cinema”, Rome, Italy.
Video Works: Light Birds and Specific Gravity
-“AIVA -International Video Art Festival in Angelholm”, Sweden-
Video Work: Other Moons
-“Festival Fuga Lab” , Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Video work: Specific Gravity
-“FLAVIA - 1º Festival Latin America of Video Art”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Video Works: Quantumlove and Other Moons
_“A day like not other¨. Label MimiRecords 2011. Coimbra, Portugal.

Solo Exhibition
-Series: “Light and Movement”. Videos: Specific Gravity, Other Moons, Light Birds and Going the Distance.
Gallery Arte x Arte 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-Incubarte: “International Independent Art Festival” in Valencia, Spain.
Special Award. "Club Diario Levante" 2012.
Category video art. Best video: Specific Gravity.


-2015 Film[S]cend, Heaving upward on a swell of bits.
Dal 5 al 15 Marzo 2015 :: [.BOX] Videoart project space :: Milano, It.
Online from 9 April to 19 May 2015 at VisualcontainerTV International Videoart WebTV
-The audiovisual project “The Alchemists”.
-"International Experimental Sound and Video Festival" Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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