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I love my job. As a documentary filmmaker, there's nothing better than helping people tell their stories and incorporate video into their businesses. I get tremendous satisfaction from wearing all of the filmmaking hats, including producing, directing, filming, editing, and working closely with clients to see their projects through from start to finish.

I started making videos with friends on my parents' camcorder when I was 9 years old. During the summer before high school I got my first job creating content for Cambridge Community Television, shooting and editing video for TV. At Emory University, I crafted an interdisciplinary degree in Multimedia Storytelling. Prior to founding Forage Films, I worked in several Atlanta production houses and on set for everything from music videos and commercials, to reality TV shows.

In 2013 I directed and edited my first documentary feature, Maramaso (Official Selection of the FilmAid International Film Festival), which follows a peace activist and musician during the hotly contested 2013 Kenyan presidential elections. When I'm not working on film projects, you can find me sculpting ceramics, hanging with friends, or playing with my pet rat, Ernie.

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