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Laura Cooper
Laura Cooper received her undergraduate degree from Glasgow School of Art 2002-06. She is currently studying for her MFA in Fine Art Media at the Slade UCL London. She works in performance, video and installation.
She has recently returned to the UK from Asia where she has been based as an Artist for two years. She completed an International Residency program in Bangkok Thailand from 2008-2009 where she worked on a number of projects in partnership with Shrewsbury International School and with the British Arts Council Thailand. She also took part in the SAP Seoksu Market Stone&Water Gallery International residency program in Anyang City South Korea. Recent Exhibitions and Performances include SAP 2010 exhibition South Korea 2010 and Slowness exhibition and performance event, Redwire Gallery Liverpool UK 2008.

Art Works
I make work with a strong performative element in mediums of video, sound, installation and live performance.
My works are often documents of choreographed and repetitive exercises between individuals. Exploring boundaries of communication, control and negotiation between people is one of my primary interests, and I sometimes engage with close family members, specific groups of local people or audiences.

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