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Laura Moretz's paintings question the impermanence of form while depicting a state of flux. Her paintings dictate a process of creating and dissolving systems, a meditation of space and formlessness, and a celebration of movement and fluidity. Moretz's large-scale, abstract paintings build up layers of poured, acrylic paint and mark-making. The poured paint creates a montage of drips, bubbles, and cracked paint that celebrate the little catastrophes of each painting's process. Improvised mark-making using ink, marker, and charcoal respond to the painting's development. Moretz's paintings are experimental, energetic, and bold. Each painting is its own laboratory into the macrocosm of the universe.

Laura Moretz received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2009. She exhibits her work nationally. Most recent solo exhibitions include New Paintings at Space Gallery in Denver. Other group exhibitions include, Chain Letter at Shoshana Wayne in Santa Monica, California, Vernissage at Fort Mason in San Francisco, White Space at Design Within Reach in Boulder, and Transparencies, at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Moretz paints in her studio in Denver's RiNO art district, and is a docent for the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

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