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Laura Lee (LL) Schultz provides original music composition, creative sound design and audio production solutions for the advertising, broadcast, web, Film/TV, multimedia and gaming industries. She is invested in engaging audience members through each heartfelt note, providing musical compositions that are sought after and recognized as the unseen powerful character in your favorite movie, television program and/or video game.

LL has been an active musician for over 25 years and was the recipient of an organ solo championship title from The Keyboard Academy of Music at age 11. She has been writing/producing/recording original music for over 15 years in bands such as Down the Lees, New Years Resolution, EP Island, The Skinjobs and Queazy. Having recorded and released 5 full length albums with some of Vancouver’s go-to engineers of the last two decades, she has engineered and co-produced much of her latest material at her own Off White House Studios. After receiving an Electronic Musician certificate from the Art Institute of Vancouver, she focused on scoring, composing and editing for film and various multimedia productions. Composition credits range from theatre, through web vlogs, to film: Raccoonery, Lez Renovate, George and Jorge, Hero of our Time, Alice and Martha and Chronicles of Daydude, to name a few.

LL also provides custom songs for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and weddings have been personalized by LL collaborating with parents, kids, colleagues, and loved ones to capture the feel of an important event.

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