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A long time ago, I started making movies. This was back in the day when 1) one had to put the VHS tape directly into the camera, 2) the only way to edit was to rewind two VCRs, and 3) the actors' time on set was limited by when Mom made them go to bed.

I didn't go to film school, but I've watched a lot of bad movies, made a bunch of my own, and that's a pretty good education right there. But the real world said "get a job," so I did (occupational therapist), and thus abandoned my filmmaking dreams and focused instead on writing and photography.

One day I went to my first NAB convention in Las Vegas with a bunch of radio people. First surprise: They have TV and film stuff here?! I abandoned my job at the radio booth and, being a DSLR photographer, wandered over to Canon. When I arrived at their booth, Vincent LaForet was at the podium, playing some mind-blowingly gorgeous footage from his reel. And this, he said, was created using a Canon DSLR camera. Wait. Really??

I think you all know that this moment had an impact on a lot of people, myself included - for the following syllogism began to take shape in my brain as I stood there:

- Laurie is a photographer with a DSLR camera who really wants to be a legitimate filmmaker but can't afford the equipment to make a legitimate looking film
- A DSLR camera can be used to make legitimate looking films

Hence, my film career was reborn.

Now, I'm the founder of 4DHD Films, where I wear every hat, including actress, director, writer, editor, visual effects and motion graphics artist, and frequent builder of kluges.

We are using a Canon 5DMkii, generic Cavision rigs, things we made at Home Depot, and Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 (including Premiere Pro and After Effects). I'm a die hard Adobe fan and would shave my head and follow them around the world if they were a cult. Andrew Kramer taught me almost everything I know about AE ( Currently, I'm stepping up my visual effects and am now in the process of learning Autodesk Maya and The Foundry's Nuke (thanks to the awesome people at fxphd).

Please enjoy my videos. If you have any thoughts, questions, or would like to see me do any specific tutorials, please leave a comment!

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