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I'm a freelance photographer and journalist, as well as the Chief Editor of Mantra Magazine, a Finnish language publication dedicated to promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle along with spiritual awareness. For the past seventeen years I've also worked as a volunteer and co-administrator at a non-profit international collective of charities based in India, that is dedicated to helping to alleviate the burden of the world's poor and providing humanitarian aid where needed

I first held a camera and shot my first images as a child of six years old. The camera was an old and battered medium format TLR (twin lens reflex) camera from East-Germany, but it was more than enough to kindle in me a deep love of photography that continues unabated until today. Later, in the 80's, I worked and studied in a dark room and discovered the magic of developing film and techniques related to producing fine art prints. Fast forward: An inner urge to explore the spiritual side of life life took me eventually to India. After what came to be more than a decade of monastic life in India, I eventually returned to photography in the digital age and have not looked back since.

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