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Lawless Knights Productions, is an up and coming Chicago based independent production company established in 1999 by O’Dinero and long time friend Bama Mix, whom were the first two artists of the label. Producing songs like “End of My Life” an underground classic! Still going strong, Lawless Knights Production has developed from two men with a goal into a team with a mission. Impressive lyrics with substance that inspire and motivate the community, The Lawless Knights consist of; O’Dinero, Jaykins, Logic, Sonny Blaq, Bama Mix, Chi Breeze, X.O., Sercye and “In-House” producer Dre Diesel. Introducing the Lady Knights Le Lo Mango and Ali Boom. Producers A-Roc and Devo helped craft the sound of Lawless Knights Production with songs like “Ada-lessons” and “On my Bizzle.” Apart from recording music, Lawless Knights Production have filmed and edited their own music videos winning a NME award for “Gets No Rest.” Now working on a TV show speical, The Knights are looking towards the future. Lawless Knights Production are determined to take over the music and film industry to become a household brand name.

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