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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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I love films, architecture, and cities. I'm intrigued by what new media mean for our public life and our rights and powers as citizens.

I work in architectural and urban design, independent film, and visual art. And I write on the connections between urban representations, social and political contexts, and the material and experiential aspects of the city. I'm especially interested in vernacular (naive?) urban environments: the prairie city, and the curious hybrid spaces we find in cities around the world which don't quite fit the definitions of "urban," "natural," or "rural."

My most recent videos have used Google Earth to track along lines of latitude and longitude: the 49th parallel (the prairie border between Canada and the United States); the Prime Meridian and the AntiMeridian. The former ("parallel") was included in the show Movable Borders at Furtherfield Gallery in London (2013), and the latter ("Transect") was projected onto Queen Anne Court at the Royal Naval College at Greenwich, UK (2014).

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