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From sullen to gloomy, very personal lyrics. I'm just telling my own stories in my own words. And I'll have to admit, some of them sound pretty much like complaints.
I feel my sound is inspired by divergent artists such as Nick Drake, Ani DiFranco, Susanne Sundfør, Squalloscope, She Makes War, Efterklang, Massive Attack, Fever Ray, Hanne Hukkelberg, Moddi, Lykke Li, Múm, Anja Garbarek ...and then some more.

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  • Soundcloud - Some of my songs can be listened to here, some of them even downloaded for free
  • Facebook - For news, videos, songs, projects, progress...
  • YouTube - Music Videos to some of my songs


  1. KitMonsters
  2. anna kohlweis
  3. Benedikt Fuhrmann
  4. Sebastian Scherer
  5. Wolfgang Wermter