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Jordan Aleph aka LazyBoy is a graphic artist and designer. As technology becomes more prevalent and increases the speed of our interactions, Aleph believes a simple, visual statement is the most powerful way to deliver a message. A design should immediately communicate a point and an identity, as well as inspiring a reaction or aspiration.

Working with Adobe design programs - Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator – he seamlessly blends digital art, photography and the traditional drafting materials of pencil, pen, ink and chalk. Carefully chosen, bold colours are key; layered iconic images, silhouettes and linear elements are bound together with a pared-down palette.

The geometric strength and hard beauty of postwar modernist architecture provides a framework for his clear layouts, while neo-expressionist handmade marks hint at Aleph’s personal fascination with the technological dystopia of urban sprawl and the search for identity that defines our time. 

Having come of age with street art, a grassroots movement that now holds a similar cultural value to 1960s Pop Art, Aleph appropriates guerilla art’s forms and techniques – graffiti, fly postering and large-scale paint designs - to explore these contemporary issues. In his hands, the repeat patterns of non-Western tribal display work in visual parallel to the style subcultures that vie for attention on our streets.

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