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A place for filmmakers and film enthusiasts to showcase their work, as well celebrate the magic of cinema.

Meetings--Tuesdays 6:00 PM LBCC LAC Campus Room D228

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  1. The Creative Collective
  2. Dave Jaranilla
  3. Frederick Shannon
  4. Eliot Rausch
  5. Cris Thorne
  6. Yoshio Nagata
  7. Nobody Lost – Nobody Found
  8. Marwin Ou
  9. 2020films
  10. Ziba Zehdar
  11. Brandon Sloan
  12. SGRANG
  13. Ian Berenger
  14. Alessio Nanni
  15. Peter Yeung
  16. Akin Andwele
  17. Xavier Burgin
  18. KaAM le collectif

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