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LCMDF is back with Mental Health, the first part of a trilogy released on the girls own label FAN Recordings. “I felt the traditional way of releasing 12 tracks at once wasn’t fitting us right now, giving songs out in EP bundles feels way more like a LCMDF way to go” says Emma (23). “The World Wide Web has a lot to offer us” says Mia (21). “Just looking at social structures and see how people behave online, I find it extremely fascinating. We are entering a new era and I think a new collective mind-set has begun to take form. People are more open minded and give more space to joy” she continues. “It gives a chance to do something new, cleanse, reboot, and reinvent a way to release music” says Emma.

LCMDF’s first album Love & Nature (released on Heavenly Recordings in 2011) saw the band catapulted onto the international stage. From Perez Hilton blogging single Cool & Bored, to Rob Da Bank calling Gandhi “the best track in the world right now” on Radio 1, to working with M.I.A and Beyoncé producer Dave “Switch” Taylor and playing venues like Shepherd’s Bush Empire and KOKO as part of the NME Awards, their near-vertical ascent happened at a dizzying pace.

Prompt by the late 90s to early 00s Mental Health has a strong millennium vibe over it. Remember how it felt to await the turn of a new century? That is a feeling the girls wanted to latch onto and turn it into something current. “The songwriting is moving even closer to our childhood anthems” Says Emma “We are inspired by Weezer, TLC and Chemical Brothers, to name a few. Our goal has always been to write great contemporary pop music. It’s all about the hooks, right?” The girls have been working closely on the release with finnish artist Jaakko Pallasvuo. “It is a very visual release” says Emma. “We definitely wanted to take things further and make something unforgettable.”

The single Paranoia sounds like a combination of Beck, Rage Against the Machine and M.I.A. “I wanted to write a song about the culture of hate, especially the hate you face online” says Emma. “People are afraid of the world ending and social forums are becoming more important for a person to form their identity, there’s children born that will never know a world without internet. We find it interesting how people choose to cope with things through the internet and that you shouldn’t take it all too seriously” says Mia.”I started studying self-help literature, Mental Health is really the result of it” says Emma.”The first part of the trilogy has to do with the feeling of losing your mind and the coping mechanisms we use to try to keep us from going insane”. The girls even sampled life coach Rick Carson on the track Paranoia: “I can’t handle it. The I can’t handle it myth is applied in all sorts of circumstances.” But it’s all part of a process.

The track “The Big Skip” features the up-and-coming Bulgarian rapper DENA. “Denitza is part of our Berlin crew, we’ve planned on doing a track together for long” says Mia. Emma continues: “We we’re hanging out on msn and I dropped the hook, and suddenly we had it. It was like Hanson on shrooms.” “With Weezeresque guitars!” Mia quips. Emma looks thoughtful “I wanted to portray the dialogue between me and my ego. This one is on me” she says.

1st part of the Mental Health EP trilogy out on FAN Recordings 29.10.2012

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