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Madrid, Helsinki, London

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We are a creative art and design studio active worldwide. Our medium is light, our goal to imagine, create and improve visual worlds.

We work in all sectors and all scales of built environment. The members of our multidisciplinary team of designers, coders and researchers has realised lighting projects in over 20 countries ranging from large-scale buildings, lighting masterplans and light-art strategies to urban environments, one-off light-art commissions and media facades.

Our headquarters are in Madrid, Spain, with most of our lighting designers, management, digital artists and software coders. Our Helsinki office coordinates lighting design and art commissions for the Nordic region and beyond. Content production for media screens and devices is primarily carried out from our London office. True to the collective ethos our network of super talented collaborators stretch from Toulouse to Monterey and from Cologne to Singapore.

We engage in debate and research about the role of light and light-art in built environment. To this end we are actively involved in education through architectural and design universities and professional platforms.

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