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  1. Ekosystem.org / Urban-Art-Clips

    by JUST joined

    661 Videos / 221 Members


  2. Street Art around the World

    by Garijs Piseckis joined

    708 Videos / 569 Members

    Group about street art - graffiti, music and performance for people.

  3. Graffiti

    by Togaone joined

    1,393 Videos / 591 Members

    All Graffiti videos are welcome. Any kind, any where, anyone's. Please only graffiti - related videos. Thanks. ]:}

  4. Outdoor Artistry aka Street Art and Graffiti

    by knox joined

    3,227 Videos / 2,467 Members

    This is a group for vimeo videos about street art and graffiti. Please add your videos, I'm hoping to gather a world wide collection of all different sorts of street art and graffiti.

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