Black Forest, Germany

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Welcome to the world of Leander's - traditionally handcrafted leather bags.


Leander's brings the legendary deerskin of the princes and counts into the present.
More than three hundred times we take the leather through more than fifty steps while more than a year passes. Meanwhile, forgotten, this way tanned leather of red deer is now, more than ever, one of the finest and rarest in the world.

The value of our products is the story they tell. The moment your bag is finished, it stands for tradition, history and craftsmanship. With great diligence we choose our rare leather and solely tan it with natural substances. Only the finest and softest leather is good enough for you. After refining, we manufacture it to your favorite companion. Made by hand in order to go with you through your life. We will never stop living this uncompromising approach. We promise.

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