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  1. 02:28:13

    2010 PfCONA Forum

    by learningman

    9 Videos

    Nine candidates ask for your vote on Election Day, November 2, 2010. Sponsored by the Pflugerville Council of Neighborhood Associations.

  2. 01:23:17

    NCDD Austin

    by learningman

    2 Videos

    Videos taken Nov. 5, 2010 NCDD workshop From Chaos to Collaboration.

  3. 07:30


    by learningman

    15 Videos Lake Pflugerville Pfamily Pfun Run organized by MOMS Club of Pflugerville and NW Austin. The first video is the final edited video assembled from the raw clips.

  4. 41:53

    PfCONA 2011

    by learningman

    1 Video

    PfCONA meetings recorded in 2011.

  5. 04:48:51

    ASTD Austin

    by learningman

    7 Videos

    Recorded presentations at Austin ASTD chapter.

  6. 03:23:56

    PfCONA 2016

    by learningman

    23 Videos

    Recorded 2016 candidate forums sponsored by Pflugerville Council of Neighborhood Associations.

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