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Learning Pathways is an initiative to promote contemporary models of learning.


Professional Development of Educators

Development of Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Material

Development of Diverse Assessment Tools especially Formative Assessments which continuously address teaching and learning needs

Advisory Support for Setting up New Schools and Appraising Existing Ones

Research and Documentation

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Education


Our primary focus is on nurturing inquiry based learning using a holistic approach integrating arts and sciences. The school is seen as a community of learners which respects democratic values, diversity and collaboration. Learners are empowered through first hand experiences in their immediate environment using inquiry skills such as observing, raising questions, investigating, thinking critically and arriving at a rational understanding of their world.
Learning Pathways was set up as a private consultancy outfit in 2011 with Beena Raza and Dr. Rafia Ali as the two Managing Partners.

Flagship Programs

1.Leadership Development

2.Inquiry based math and science education

3.Integrated model using the arts –language arts, visual arts, music and drama

4.Education for sustainable development focusing on environment, culture and heritage

Special Programs

1.Peace and Human Rights Education, Conflict Resolution leading to Schools as Democratic Communities

2.Community Outreach programs for Student Volunteers

3.Communication and Leadership Skills and Motivational Strategies for Mid-level Corporate and Media Personnel

Email: learningpathways.lhr@gmail.com

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