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We are cultural receivers and transmitters. Le Branché bridges the haves- to the have-nots, the makers, the tasters. Realizing it is useless to attack on a single front Le Branché bases its business model of a self-contained information and production house on the concept of inter-connectedness via technology.

As a small group of creative-minded businessmen/women, we are able to do this simply and discerningly, on a scale grand or petite. Le Branché magazine, record label and creative house all fly the same flag:

How Can We Help You?

Love it or loathe it, the big blue marble has become a virtual city; one in which information and opinion, facts and expression have all channeled to one fluid dialogue. Every member of the race is a participant, all are designers. From chef to musician, blogger to mathematician, prostitute to poet—each individual is creating something—even if it is simply a mediated definition of themselves.

In this age of immediacy, where Designers rule the world, Le Branché is your conduit. Welcome to:

You. Me. We.

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