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The secret it out: there's a Latin food revolution going on.

Move over spaghetti. . . it's arroz con pollo.

Move over french fries. It's all about the toston.

Chocolate cake? Not when there's Three Milks Cake.

Think it's just too difficult to take on a new food vocabulary? Don't fret. Lebron's Culinary Training is here, to the rescue.

Nestled in the New York's vibrant Dominican community Washington Heights, Lebron’s Culinary Training students attend workshops that run the gamut from basic to advance baking to event planning seminaries that includes, for example how to make a watermelon basket for a party decoration and much more.

Operating on a rolling admission basis, Lebron’s Culinary Training is currently offering their workshops on Sundays during the mornings and afternoons. Due to our high demand and the varied schedules of our participants, we are currently working on creating additional sessions on different days and times of the week.

Also, we are expanding our range of workshops to include more in depth workshops including bartending classes and gourmet cooking.

Lebron ‘s Culinary Training is proud to serve the Hispanic community; and those who want to start addind a little MOJO magic to their cooking.

Lebron Culinary Training is developing and/or offering the following workshops:

* Basic Baking
* Appetizers
* Etiquette and Protocol
* Event planning
* Bartending
* Advanced Baking Seminaries conducted by Mrs. Myriam de Gautreaux

FOR MORE IMFORMATION: 212-304-2362 OR ALKYLCT@GMAIL.COM or check out our website:

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