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Antes trabajaba para la NASA, per ahora me dedico full time a posar como modelo. je je je-----Oh okay, no... I draw, I write, I play (guitar and video games-both not fantastically, but I have fun), Iread, I boogie, I collect music of all sorts, I yammer in emails on given moments, I like the films and tv, I can type but I tend to avoid capitlaizing things when I'm online and I never seem to have enough money so I use coupons. Hmm, is that enough? i don't know what else to tell you. It's hard coming up w/a profile biography. If any of this sounds at all familiar it's because you've probably seen me on that other webpage...yeah. Oh well, I'll try to come up w/more when the time permits. I'm a horrible speller too, so if this is riddled w/mistakes I apologize, but there isn't a spellcheck option, is there? Thanks for reading. Don't be a stranger.



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