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Leeni Linna is an independent Estonian film director. She graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School in 2009, and made several short-fiction movies before and during her studies (Personal Space 2005, Hope Dies Last 2006, Oli 2004, Class Reunion 2007, etc.). Her latest short fiction film is Taxi Driver (2013).

Back in 2008 as a human rights activist in The Amnesty International Estonian group Leeni was involved in research in Dharamsala, India, and through interviews with Tibetan refugee children there she began to make her first documentary film The Messenger. In January, 2014 Leeni graduated master's program in documentary filmmaking in the Baltic Film and Media School, with her second feature documentary Blood Type.

Leeni has also worked as a director, editor, producer and scriptwriter for various TV shows and film projects.

At the moment Leeni is preparing her first feature fiction film Soldier Mother, a film about a mother who lost her son in Afghanistan, but refuses to believe it and decides to go to Afghanistan in search of him.

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