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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Lemonade Animation is an animation & effects studio, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We provide 3D-animation, digital visual effects, motion graphics and post-production services to national and international clients.

Our clients range from advertising agencies and brands to theme parks, project developers, museums and game companies.

The studio was established in 2001, and we have worked on tv-commercials, theme park rides, videogames, short films, scientific visualisations, websites, events and other media. Our clients include brands such as adidas, Amstel, Nokia, Volvo, Bavaria, Samsung, Lays, Snickers, G4-tv, and many others.

In addition to commercial work Lemonade produces independent short films and music videos.

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  1. Same here, as Vanessa Vandy, only 16" plays on Vimeo. Youtibe link works fine though. Very nice job! Great animation.