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name: Idan
last name:Or


music style:electronica,progressive downtempo

booking info:meshtron@mailbolt.com

In 2005 finished studies at BPM music college . Since then been making and creating music.
everyone that heard "lemonchill" music felt the emotions and feelings floating: this music is for your heart and soul.

short discography:
2008: missing souls/emotions- clubland records
2008: dragonfly - clubland records
2009: sentant - ricochet dreams records
2009: journey through an electric garden - cyberset records
2010: sleeping with giants - ricochet dreams records
2010: conversations with god - altar records
2010: x - cyberset records
2011: room 305 - bonzai progressive records.
2013: buddhism - ovnimoon records

also compiled successful chillout compilations for uxmal records named:"the chill spectrum" and " when melancholy speaks"

been featured on various compilations such as "goa beach", "shanti bar" to name a few and made remixes for : for Monolith ft Nema for Ambiosphere Records,and deep in mind for altar records

has made appearances on int music festivals such as:"hadra" "aurora"

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