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  1. Nino Leitner

    Nino Leitner Plus Vienna, Austria


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    Director of Photography with own production company based in Vienna, Austria - but working around the globe. Specialized in documentaries, corporate and commercial filmmaking, but increasingly also shooting fictional films. Please contact me via tips@ninofilm.net if you want to get in touch. For work…

  2. UNU-ViE

    UNU-ViE Bonn, Germany


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    The United Nations University Vice Rectorate in Europe (UNU-ViE) is an integral part of the Rector's office and the first Vice Rectorate of UNU outside the headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Established in May 2007 in Bonn, it strengthens the presence of UNU in Europe.

  3. Philip Bloom

    Philip Bloom PRO London


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    I am sorry I am unable to reply to emails sent to me here. Please contact me via email rather than vimeo at help@philipbloom.net DP, Director, FIlmmaker My other vimeo accounts are for my world travel videos, reviews and tutorials, plus one random stuff. Vimeo.com/bloomworld Vimeo.com/pbextras Vimeo.com/pbreviews

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