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The projects of contemporary performative creations by Lenz Rifrazioni are the artistic outcome of an in-depth work of visual, filmic, spatial, dramaturgic and sonic research. Through an aesthetic convergence between the exegetical fidelity to the word of the text, the radical visuals of the filmic creations and the conceptual extremism and originality of the artistic installation, the work of Lenz Rifrazioni rewrites in visionary signs the philosophical tensions and the aesthetic anxieties of the present time.
The original music is written by Andrea Azzali, a musician experimenting with electronic processes and compositions. In the first phase of its creative journey, Lenz Rifrazioni revised the great classics of literature, retranscribing into contemporary visions the poetic impulses of those texts.
In a more recent phase, the visual and plastic research is the centre of the poetic: the theatrical action wedges itself between the rewriting in images and the plastic creation of the space that demands recognition as an autonomous artistic installation. The performative act is enhanced by the exceptionality of the interpreters, artistic reagents to the creative text.

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