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Leonardo Corbucci Zanobi is born in Rome, Italy (1980), in a typical bourgeoisie Italian family, in the patriarchal system ruled by the Grandfather. He followed the direction of his family until the age of 18, when he decided to follow his own path.

"Step by step I started to watch movies with the curiosity of what was behind, because until really young I am dreaming with open eyes, but in the same time I recognized that somehow I am a really concrete person, and then I found out that with Movies you can visually build your dreams. Also in that period I lost my first and biggest love, the shock of "love is not forever" also "helped me" to decide to continue my life with a new meaning, Cinema."

1999-2001, Rome, Italy. He shot several short films (now available in a DVD compilation called "The little shop of Dazzled") while he attended the Italian Film School (SNC). His first influences came from Italian Neorealism, Federico Fellini, and most of all Francois Truffaut whom he loves as a father and brother, and who is still Leonardo's Master of Life and Cinema thinking). Also in this period he was influenced by Emir Kusturica and after 3 years of school under the Kusturica influence he released his first Feature Film project: " Cinecitta' Story! " (82'minutes, 16mm).

"In my first movie experience I remember my idea to make movies was very clear, but the "how to" was not. There was a period we made a magazine of cinema under the company PRIMOCIAK (that produced the movie Cinecitta' Story). I remember I was repeating all the time to my friends "We don't argue if we will make movies, but how we will do it!".

2001-2005, New York, USA. After the Italian Film School experience, he decided to leave Italy, and started the project of a movie based in the two worlds inside his mind. The idea of "Black & White in Colors" was born. The first digital shoots started in New York in the far January 2001. Today that digital beginning has become the"feature-diary-film" in the DVD of the movie BLACK & WHITE IN COLORS (winter 2008) with the name "Leonardo's Spectrum" (160' minutes, miniDV).

"I was really fascinated by traveling all around the world and I started in this period to do it. Also my experience in the Italian Film School was so bad, so bad… Everyday arrogance, envy, corruption, hypocrisy, and false intellectualism made me disgusted with my country (a disgust I recovered from after being 7 years away from my land). New York was "just" far, new and extremely different from where I was before".

2005-2009, Los Angeles, USA. This is a really good period, during which he took courses and specializations at UCLA and in NYFA at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Leonardo's films from this period have won and been shown in many Festivals. From this period are the documentary about Fidel Castro "Looking For Fidel" (70'min, HD), the western "The Purgatory" (15'min, B&W, 16mm) that won in 2006 a special prize in the "Murgia Film Festival" (Italy), and "GL0514" (10'min, B&W, 16mm) that won the FLA (USA). “My Church is better than yours” (15’min HD), “ONE MORE TIME” (72’ minutes REDONE 4K), and many Music Video and Tv Advertises. And MOst of all "Black & White in Colors" (80'minutes, 35mm) is now released worldwide (last quarter 2009).

"In these past few years, a lot of things have happened to me, I met three times the people of previous years, changed more places where I lived, I started to have a lot of experiences and friends in different Countries (different cultures and ways of life), in this last period I thought more about a sentence that my Master of Cinema and Life François Truffaut said "What is more important, life or Cinema? ". Today I still think about this question and today I still don't have an answer for the simple reason that there is no answer (my life is Cinema, my Cinema is my life)."





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