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Le QuiVive Gallery
Le Qui Vive Pronunciation: /le ki ˈviv/
Definition of LeQuiVive
Noun (in phrase on the qui vive)
on the alert or lookout: duty requires the earnest liberal to spend most of his time on the qui vive for fascism
Origin: late 16th century: from French, literally '(long) live who?', i.e. 'on whose side are you?'

Located in the heart of Downtown Oakland, we are a collectively run space with a new approach to inspire those whom inspire all of us. We aspire to dedicate our showroom to surfacing & established artists, with focusses on our 3 visual standards. Our gallery is open to the public Monday- Friday and by appointment Sat-Sun. We host our openings to the public every First Friday and hold special events throughout the month. We work with the artists through communication and planning and assist and provide multiple outlets to engage them to create.

Our Role As An Artist Gallery is Based on Mutual Respect and Love of The Artist's Work. We Side With the Artists We Host and Dedicate Ourselves In Helping Them in Their Careers and Current Works. We Specialize our Walls to Host Monthly Installation, Mural and Traditional Artistry. We Strive to Provide our Audience With A Whole New Experience Each Month With The Help of The Artists We Remain 'On The Watch' For.

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