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The modern and contemporary art museum les Abattoirs is a new kind of establishment which offers many activities.

Museography - The museum’s vocation is the conservation and the enlargment of the collection, which is the privileged medium for cultural and educational actions. The temporary exhibitions promote discovery, innovation and research. Exhibitions are also organised with the collaboration of the region’s museums and art centres.

Research is an important part of the museum’s missions; It includes the collection’s archiving, the conservation and management of photographic reproductions.. Also, the collection is now available for consultation on our website as well as a database dedicated to regional artists and cultural events.

The library is specialised in 20th and 21st century art and has over 17 000 multimedia documents that can be consulted onsite. It features a children’s library, a multimedia room, a main reading room and a children’s reading room. There are several workshops each week and school groups are welcome.

The education programmes offer workshops and guided tours to children, families, students, teachers, adults and community groups.

Partnerships with the actors of contemporary creation in the whole Midi-Pyrénées region have woven a true contemporary art network materialised by actions such as artist residencies, co-editions, partnerships for the production of artworks, acquisitions…

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